Feedback about Executive Coaching

Have look at some testimonials from our clients who have been coached, whether they are lawyers, financial directors or other professionals.

Eric Wallembrock, Corporate Law – Lyon.

“Joël brought me the method and the inspiration to overcome my blocking points and free myself from them on a professional level. His action was a real catalyst. The evolution started has transformed me!“

Emmanuel Ravissot, Chief Financial Officer – Paris.

“I had the opportunity to benefit from a coaching by Joël for almost 18 months. This allowed me to work effectively on my personal development. Unlike ad hoc training, coaching has allowed me to work over time, in small progressive steps, by setting challenges, sessions after sessions. Thanks to Joël’s coaching, I thus acquired ease in my relationship with others, in unknown situations and this allowed me to become way more assertive. I also became aware of the need to structure my calendar, to better manage my priorities. Joël’s professional past as CFO has been an undeniable plus. This experience has been very rich. Joël combines a very good listening and questioning ability.“

Anne Messas, Intellectual Property – Paris.

“Thanks to relevant and benevolent questions, to an immediate understanding of the situations, Joël allows significant awareness. And, because it is above all pragmatic (and tenacious!) he does not give up until solutions are found and … implemented. And it works. Over time, I see real changes in my business.“

Axel Pivet, Corporate and M&A Lawyer – Paris.

“I was able to work with Joël and appreciate his listening skills and the relevance of his questions, which allow me to discover areas for improvement and solutions to get out of comfort zones. Joël is a coach who does not seek to change you, but helps you develop your skills. “

Caroline Dirat, Social Rights Lawyer – Paris.

“I had the chance to meet Joël in the spring of 2015 when I was in a situation of physical and moral exhaustion linked to a professional burnout. The conscious breathing that I discovered and practiced intensely since then has allowed me to regain my energy and my pleasure for living. Following the 6-day residential seminar in summer 2015, the return back to my work was made possible and was done smoothly. The power of conscious breathing combined with the advices provided by Joël in the context of coaching were decisive in this process.”