Outsourced Organization & Finance of your Law Firm


Free up time for tasks with higher added value:

  • Professionalize the management of your firm’s financial contrl

  • Improve the overall profitability of your practice by acting on two essential levers: productivity and cost control

  • Support you in the Human Resources management

  • Moving to new premises: from research to installation

Whatever the size of your firm and its areas of expertise, financial management and organization are at the heart of the value creation process.


By calling on an Expert in Financial control and Organization expert, you allow yourself to:

  1. Get involved an expert at a lower cost thanks to the pooling of his skills
  2. Implement the right tools to strengthen the professionalism and profitability of your practice
  3. Benefit from an outside perspective and an impartial relationship of trust
  4. To be able to share your projects and your hesitations confidentiality
  5. Find innovative solutions through our listening and our exchanges
  6. Focus on managing your files and developing your business
  7. Be proactive and no longer reactive


Finance & Strategy

  • Implementation of management tools and key performance indicators
  • Implementation of monthly results and rolling forecasts
  • Implementation of an estimated budget
  • Support in decision-making
  • Implementation and optimisation of administrative procedures
  • Research and supervision of information systems implementation
  • Assistance for the creation of your law firm
  • Projects management

HR & Management

  • Assistance in the recruitment of lawyers associates and support functions
  • Advising for staff and associates management

Business Development

  • Customer data analysis (seniority, recurrence, turnover split between litigation and advisory)
  • Analysis of turnover and hourly rates by area of expertise, by partner
  • Audit and implementation of services provided (by speciality, sector, transversality)
  • Customer and prospect monitoring whorsheets
  • Development of a business plan
  • Personalised advices

Premises Management

  • Organization audit and search for premises
  • Monitoring of your premises outfitting and installation
  • Management of the logistics of the move to new premises


I take care to get a good understanding of your law firm, its context, its size, its challenges and constraints, in order to propose you the right customized support solution.

  • Customized support for a one off specific assignment.
  • Customized and ongoing support a few days per month.

You benefit from a personalized and high added value consulting resource for a very reasonable annual cost and from which you will have an immediate return on investment.

By supporting you, I offer you my expertise to unleash your potential to serve your customers and develop your business.