Emotion Management Coaching

Live and Work differently!

Are your thoughts?

  • Negativethey cause a lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem, they lead you into doubt, fear, you constantly judge yourself, …

  • Omnipresent: they prevent you from acting (procrastination), you are either in the past or in the future and you cannot appreciate what is good in the present moment.

Do you have any of the following symptoms?

  • Emotional symptoms: increased sensitivity and nervousness, tears or nervous breakdowns, anxiety, sadness, feeling of discomfort …

  • Intellectual symptoms: disturbances in concentration (mistakes, omissions), difficulty in taking initiatives … 
  • Physical symptoms: pain (headache, muscle aches, joint pain, colic, etc.), sleep disorders, appetite disturbance and digestive disorders, unusual sweating… 

These symptoms have a negative impact on behavior: consumption of sedatives or stimulants (coffee, tobacco, alcohol, sleeping pills, anxiolytics, drugs, etc.), changes in eating patterns, violent and aggressive behavior, withdrawal, difficulties in collaborating, or even they may lead you to burnout!

Stress is not a disease in itself, but when it is intense and lasts, it may have serious negative effects on your physical and moral health.

Free yourself from the negative influence of your thoughts and / or this state of chronic stress or near burnout, then transform the way you work and live with the support of a certified Coach and Senior Trainer in Transformational Breath ®.

I propose you a support at two levels:

  1. Coaching dedicated to your professional goal, then
  2. Conscious Breathing practice in order to free yourself from emotional blocks and negatives thoughts that limit you personally and professionally.


To identify and implement actions to work and live differently

Coaching allows you to achieve concrete and measurable results. Through the coaching process, you deepen your knowledge and improve your performance. My support will allow you to progress quickly towards the achievement of your goals, through the actions that you will commit to implement during this process. Coaching is geared towards your motivation, your potential and your own resources and is based on your values ​​and your talent.

During coaching sessions, we will work on the achievement of one or more goals in order to adapt the way you work and live in general in order to achieve a better life balance.

Why inclus breathwork? The way we breathe reflects the way we live. By learning this powerful diaphragmatic breathing, we allow ourselves to reach the emotional maturity necessary to live and work differently. This is what Transformational Breath® sessions allow, as described below.

Conscious Breathing

To connect with present moment and to free yourself from emotional blocks

The practice of connected diaphragmatic conscious breathing helps to integrate the emotional blocks, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs buried in the unconscious which limit our potential in life without us being aware of it.

As the breathing energy is changing, significant changes occur in our behavioral structures.

In reality, this breathwork promotes an effective transformation by acting on the physical, mental and emotional levels. This method allows to increase self-confidence, to achieve a good emotional balance, to help keeping optimal health by breathing better, having more energy and much more.

By diligently practicing this breathing method, you will improve your life balance, your well-being, your potential as well as your relationships with others.