Conscious Breathing

About Conscious Breathing

Connected diaphragmatic Conscious Breathing is a process of harmonization that brings self-control and allows a great transformation in one’s life. This dynamically powerful technique utilizes a high vibrational energy force created by a specific breathing pattern.. This conscious breathing process allows us to breathe better, have more energy and feel more peaceful.

Connected diaphragmatic conscious breathing focuses on the energies and states that we want to create rather than focusing on the limiting patterns and else that we want to get ride of. The use of conscious intentions supported by positive affirmations, body mapping and sounds contributes to an effective and complete integration.

This breathing method work at two levels:

Physical: this level relates to respiratory mechanics, it is about learning how to breathe more efficiently and more easily. Due to blocked or restricted breathing patterns, most people breathe below their real capacity. The goal of this deep connected diaphragmatic breathing is to use the entire respiratory system and to maximize breathing capacity. This level allows us to be grounded in our body.

Mental / Emotional: this level helps to clarify the main reasons why we started to limit our breathing. At this level, we work to integrate negative thoughts, limiting beliefs and traumatic situations buried in the unconscious. Limiting and controlling one’s breathing is one of the first ways to repress these elements into the unconscious. Breathing where we no longer breathe and relaxing instead of holding our breath can reverse this process.

Conscious Breathing Benefits

  • Develop emotional balance: less stress, anxiety, integrate negative emotions, states of depression
  • Free yourself from limiting beliefs
  • Develop self-confidence
  • Increase self-esteem, self-recognition
  • Stimulate creativity with a mind free from negative aspects
  • More energy, better health
  • Get rid of dependency and addictions
  • Increase the oxygenation of the body (cellular level, blood circulation)
  • Improve digestion, release toxins
  • Like coaching, it is a process which aims to make you independent in its practice for your daily well-being

A few recommendations

In principle, these sessions are offered as part of a coaching assignment. It is the combination of a session which will last approximately 2h15, split between the coaching part dedicated to your professional coaching goal and the breathing part.

In order to allow you to integrate this conscious diaphragmatic connected breathing process and to feel its benefits, I recommend starting to commit with a set of 3 breathing sessions spread about a week apart.

No two sessions are the same, each breathing session is a unique experience that gives a real feeling of vitality and wonder. At the end of the first session, I will ask you to practice this breathing method by yourself for about 15 minutes per day at your home.

After the first 3 sessions, I will propose you a combination of the following options:

  • to continue with several individual sessions that will be spread in period of time agreed together,
  • to attend a one day workshop or two days weekend one
  • to attend a residential 6 days seminar.

The residential 6 days seminar is by far the more powerful and transformative formula. It provides profound personal development. This seminar includes various daily breathing sessions, energy exercises, “The Work” judgement resolution process from Byron Katie, dynamic playful group exercises, mindfulness meditations, the practice of sound as a tool to free self-expression, breathing analysis and short coaching sessions. Each participant receives a complete manual allowing the practice to continue on their own.