Coaching Legal Directors

You want to?

  • Change management?
  • Improve your department’s performance?
  • Strengthen your managerial skill?
  • Find a new job?
  • Sell your projects, your ideas?
  • Gain self confidence?
  • Succeed in your career transition?
  • Work/life balance?
Working as a Legal Director, you are torn by the requests not always clearly expressed and sometimes contradictory from  your executive committee or board of directors, by the regulatory deadlines, the expectations of your collaborators and external service providers,…, not to mention family and friends, there are times when you feel isolated and discouraged.

Unleash your potential

You are a legal expert serving a business. Overcome your challenges, reach your goals more quickly with the support of a certified Coach and experienced Executive specialized for 9 years in coaching with legal professionals. I offer support to develop your behavioral talents to serve your professional performance.

25 years managing legal matters for business!

I have been a Chief Financial Officer for 15 years, in France and abroad where I have always been in charge of all legal matters and working for myself for 9 years, I have worked closely with legal experts, lawyers and notaries for most of my career. This allowed me to develop my knowledge of the challenges and issues faced by legal directors in their job. How to find the time to work on these questions with an ever increasing workload! Taking a step back is required, however it must be supported. The power of coaching allows this!  As a certified coach passionate about personal development, I’ve chosen to help Legal and Financial Professionals to reach their goals faster and to overcome their career challenges.

Take a step aback on your career

Beyond your legal expertise, I support you in developing your behavioural talents and your managerial skills, that are the keys in your Legal Director’s career success. Having someone experienced and independent, who has ‘been there’ and understands your challenges and issues, is a great way to invest in your own development. You can increase your chances of guaranteed results by choosing to be coached by an experienced CFO and Certified Coach. This powerful coaching combination, strengthened by an expertise in business and managerial issues as well as being result oriented, can help you unlock your potential always with the willingness to achieve desired performance and success.