Coaching for Chief Financial Officers

1- You wonder about

  • Career development
  • Job search
  • Merger & Acquisition projects
  • Managerial skills
  • Stress management
  • Career development for your deputy
  • Expatriation
  • Career transition
  • Work/life balance …

2 - Coaching with a Coach for Chief Financial Officers

  • Questioning your challenges
  • Active listening
  • Mirror effect
  • Feedback
  • Golden® personality type profiler
  • Exploration of solutions
  • Unconditional support

3 - Your Role during the Mission

  • Step back
  • Gain awareness
  • Compare your solutions with an expert
  • Actions agreed during sessions
  • Implementing learnings
  • Succession of incremental progress

4 - Your results: you got

    • Challenges overcomed
    • Found the job that suits you
    • Your behavioural skills enhanced
    • In-depth knowledge
    • Performance at work increased
    • Work/life balance improved
    • Goals reached and may be more
    • And you become more fulfilled in life!

You want to?

  • Change management?
  • Improve your department’s performance?
  • Strengthen your managerial skill?
  • Find a new job, succeed in your career transition?
  • Sell your projects, your ideas?
  • Lead the merger of two legal entities?
  • Work abroad as an expatriate?
  • Gain self confidence?
  • Work/life balance?

With the relentless expectations of boards, peers, and staff…, not to mention family and friends, there are times when you feel discouraged and isolated.

Unleash your potential

I have been a Chief Financial Officer for 15 years, in France and abroad, and I know very well all of these questions and even more… I also worked closely with Chartered Accountants and Auditors, this allowed me to better understand the issues and challenges of these professions.

How to find the time to work on these questions with an ever increasing workload! Taking a step back is required, however it must be supported. The power of coaching allows this! 

As a certified coach passionate about personal development, I’ve chosen to help Financial Executives and their deputies to overcome their career challenges and to reach their goals faster.

Beyond your financial and technical expertise, I support you in developing your behavioural talents and your business skills, that are the keys in your CFO’s career success.


Calling on someone experienced and independent, who has ‘been there’ and understands your challenges and issues, is a great way to invest in your own development or the one of your key staff.

This powerful coaching combination, strengthened by an en expertise in business and managerial issues, can help you unlock your potential always with the willingness to reach the desired success and performance.