Coaching process

                  A Coaching can be done 2 levels

Sessions generaly last from 1h to 1h30 every 2 weeks. Most of them are held face-to-face in our practice or your office, and they are supplemented by phone calls and emails as required. Having said that, I also do coaching sessions by video conference or over the phone, this is useful more especially for clients traveling or located outside Paris area and even abroad.


Learn about the coaching benefits and the customisation of coaching to your professional profile or to address stress, burnout.

Framing and start of the coaching mission

– Exploration of current situation and needs
– Setting goals and their deadline


Coach Side: Questioning, active listening, mirror effect, reformulation, unconditional support, confrontation, Golden® personality type profiler

Client Side: Awareness, action plan, behavioural development, get external resources, …

Coaching Assessment by the Client

Evaluation of results, behavioural skills acquired, action plan for the coming 6 months,…

6 to 10 months

The Coaching

Identifier et mettre en oeuvre les actions pour atteindre rapidement vos objectifs

Coaching allows you to achieve tangible and measurable results. Through the coaching process, you deepen your knowledge and improve your performance. My support will allow you to progress quickly towards the achievement of your goals through the actions that you commit to during this process. Coaching is geared towards your motivation, your potential and your own resources, and is based on your values and your talent.

During the coaching sessions, we will work on the achievement of one or more goals in order to reach them more quickly.

In order to further accelerate your success towards your goals, I may suggest that you include in our sessions some personal development work with the powerful conscious breathing method Transformational Breath®.

Why include breathwork? The way we breathe reflects the way we live. By learning this powerful diaphragmatic breathing method, we allow ourselves to reach the emotional maturity necessary to unleash our potential.

The Conscious breathing

Connect with the present moment and reach emotional maturity.


The practice of conscious diaphragmatic connected breathing helps to eliminate emotional blocks, negative thoughts and limiting beliefs buried in the unconscious which limit our potential in life but we are not aware of it.

As the energy of the breath changes, important changes occur in our behavioural structures.

The practice of this breathing method enables an effective transformation by acting on the physical, mental and emotional levels. This process helps to gain self-confidence, achieve a good emotional balance, and also helps to maintain an optimal health by making it possible to breathe better, to have more energy and much more.

Joël Jégo • Executive coaching

Joël Jégo The experience of a Certified Coach and former CFO

Passionate about personal development, I invested myself in it for my own wellbeing for several years. Later I was trained in coaching, then I became certified Coach (Coach Académie-Paris), Golden® certified facilitator (ECPA by Pearson-Paris) and Transformational Breath® certified senior trainer (Transformational Breath Foundation-USA). I’m also trained in NLP, Systemic Approach and Team Coaching.

As a certified Coach and an expert business and managerial issuesI have coached professionals and executives both in English and in French. I coach either face-to-face, by video conference or over the phone depending on the availability of my clients and their location.

As a Certified Coach, I commit

To a quality approach:

  • developing my professional skills on a regular basis;
  • having performed an ongoing inner work for my own personal development;
  • undertaking individual supervision in order to streghten my common practice and ethic.

My Coaching Practice is based…

On the following values:

  • open mind, integrity,
  • enthusiasm,
  • professionalism,
  • respect, and determination.